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Lachlan T
Lachlan T
Teaches: Piano

Hello everyone! My name is Lachlan, and I'm the new piano teacher at King Konz Music School. My musical journey began at age 6 with the drums, but it wasn't until I was 11 that I started formal lessons. I transitioned to piano at Ignatius Park College for a year, dabbled in guitar for another year, and then returned to the piano, which has since remained my primary instrument. During my school years, I played in the Ignatius Park school band, led my high school house band, and was part of the Holy Spirit band and choir, both of which secured 1st place at Eisteddfod.

Music is a huge passion of mine, leading me to experiment with various instruments, but I've always had a special attachment to the piano. I joined King Konz because I've always dreamed of sharing my love for music, especially with future generations. What really excites me about this role is King Konz's emphasis on fun and allowing students to play what they enjoy. The school's approach aligns perfectly with my belief that people should be able to quickly learn and play their favourite songs on their chosen instruments.

Currently, I'm a first-year student at JCU, pursuing a dual degree in sports and exercise science and psychological science. My greatest passions include sports, video games, board games (I'm particularly fond of chess and Uno), learning, and, of course, music. My favourite music genres are pop, indie, and rap, but I appreciate all types of music. I'm extremely excited to work with a diverse range of students and hope to inspire in them the same excitement for music that I have.

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