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About Us

Welcome to

King Konz School of Music!!!

The largest dedicated private Music School in Townsville suitable for all ages and skill level.

Here at King Konz we understand what kids want. They want to have fun playing music! They want to play like their idols and play like them TODAY! We also understand that this takes time, perseverance and practise to become a good musician. This is NOT what our students want to hear and sometimes the frustration that comes with learning music can be a little overwhelming. Our Expert Mentors are experienced with all the frustrations, the highs and lows and the rewards that come with learning an instrument.

“We are Musicians and Mentors however, we will always be Students”

What does that even mean you ask?

It means we are always learning and developing skills as Musicians and Mentors. Dealing with the same frustrations our students deal with however, we’ve discovered systems and methods to overcome these barriers and with our experience, you too can also learn these systems and overcome the many obstacles that will get in your way along this journey, we invite you to learn how to do this from the pros.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way and have FUN on this musical journey and see you achieve YOUR DREAMS!

Good Mentors aren’t the ones who get their students to do what they tell them to do. Good Mentors connect with their students and create a relationship with them by inspiring the student to learn autonomously. This instils self-worth, trust and confidence. Making the journey to mastering their instrument purposeful and fun!

Our school has 9 sound treated air conditioned rooms each equipped for the optimum learning environment.

King Konz School of Music is best described as a community, a music community uniting the music lovers of Townsville, young and old. A chilled family environment providing a nurturing space for growth, development and fun!
“Life’s better when you play!”

Private & Group Sessions Available for:

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Singing