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  • Unleash Your Musical Talent at

    King Konz School of Music

    Join Townsville's premier music school for all ages and levels. Specializing in Drum, Guitar, Ukulele, Handpan, Singing, Piano, and Music Production Lessons. Let's make music fun and fulfilling!
  • Transforming Aspiring Musicians into Stars

    Play, Learn, and Grow with King Konz

    Dive into our nurturing music community. Offering a range of private and group sessions in Drums, Guitar, Piano, Singing, and more. Your musical journey starts here!
  • King Konz School of Music:

    Your Path to Musical Mastery

    Embrace the music within you. Our tailored lessons and experienced mentors are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. Let's make music that inspires!
Welcome to

King Konz
School of Music

The largest dedicated private Music School
in Townsville suitable for all ages and skill level.

Here at King Konz we understand what kids want. They want to have fun playing music! They want to play like their idols and play like them TODAY! We also understand that this takes time, perseverance and practise to become a good musician. This is NOT what our students want to hear and sometimes the frustration that comes with learning music can be a little overwhelming. Our Expert Mentors are experienced with all the frustrations, the highs and lows and the rewards that come with learning an instrument.

“Life’s better when you play!”

- Con Hagiaglou, Founder and Director King Konz School of Music.

Private Tuition

Tailored Especially For You

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Costas’ passion to help others learn how to play music, and bring out the shining star in you, makes for lessons that are an enjoyable experience.

Specializing in Early Childhood Music Development

Preschool to 7 years of age


Performance 101
Song Writing 101
Song Writing for Connection

    Lesson Details & Pricing

    To officially secure your position at King Konz School of Music, term fees must be paid in full, or a Payment Plan is available to be put in place before lessons commence. Term Fees are determined by the Public Schools term, this year each term is 10 weeks.