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Costa H
Costa H
Teaches: Rock Band Program | Bass Guitar | Drum Academy | Drums | Guitar | Handpan | Little Kids Lessons (Intro to Music) | Little Kids Lessons (Mum and Me)

Hi, I'm Costa, a seasoned drum teacher with an extensive 20-year journey dedicated to igniting the rhythm within aspiring drummers. Guiding students of all ages and skill levels, my passion for percussion has been the driving force behind two decades of transformative teaching experiences.

With a wealth of knowledge cultivated over 20 years, I've had the privilege of mentoring countless students on their musical odysseys. My teaching style seamlessly blends technical mastery with a spirited and interactive approach, ensuring that each lesson is not just an educational endeavour but a joyful exploration of rhythm and beats. I earned my Bachelor of Music from James Cook University, laying the foundation for a career deeply rooted in a love for music, rhythm, and the art of drumming.

My philosophy centres on tailoring lessons to individual learning styles, fostering a supportive environment, and instilling an enduring passion for drumming. Over the years, I've witnessed the transformative power of percussion, empowering students to not only grasp the fundamentals but also discover their unique musical voice.

Throughout my two-decade career, I've celebrated the achievements of my students, ranging from mastering intricate rhythms to gracing stages with confidence. These milestones continue to inspire my commitment to nurturing the next generation of drummers.

Beyond the classroom, I remain an active participant in the music community, attending concerts, collaborating with fellow musicians, and perpetually expanding my own musical horizons. My passion extends beyond the drumming realm to Guitar, piano, handpan, flute

For those ready to embark on a rhythmic journey or with inquiries, I welcome you to book a lesson and let's play!

Join me on this enduring rhythmic adventure - where 20 years of experience converge with the boundless possibilities of drumming, guitar, singing and much more.

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