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Drum Lessons

All Ages
1 on 1
Drum Lessons
30 Minutes
Starting at
(per lesson)
Drum Lessons
60 Minutes
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Lesson Overview

drums Drums DRUMS!!!

I know what you’re thinking.
They’re so LOUD!
Maybe I’ll choose Piano or Guitar instead it’s much quieter.

Nooooooooooooooo! STOP RIGHT THERE!

If your child has expressed interest in Drums then your child has a dream. If you’re a Mum or Dad, do you remember when you were a child? The dreams you had of performing in a band on the big stage, playing a drum kit rocking out to thousands of screaming fans?

I believe that your child, has those same big dreams. Being on stage in the coolest band playing the coolest music, touring and rocking out to fans all over the World!

Here at King Konz School of Music we will set the foundations for a bright future of playing drums and have your child playing to their favourite songs. Following your dreams breeds confidence and self-esteem.

Our sole purpose is to provide a learning experience that will keep them inspired and motivated to play, and not become a chore when it comes to practice.

Music is fun to listen to, therefore Music Lessons should be FUN!